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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  January 26, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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today."the candidates are making their final pleas to get iowans on their side. how one group is making sure everyone knows how to caucus before they get here monday night. the three democrats running for president take the national stage to make one last appeal to iowa voters. see the new poll that shows just how close the race is for the two at the top. tons 401985 :00 - :09 i was sitting in the living room watching tv i went in the kitchen and i was starting to do dishes and the whole house just shook that's how a des moines woman describes what happened when a public transportation bus slid on the ice and into her house.. it's tuesday january 26th..
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first on 13... we are just six days from the iowa caucuses and the democratic
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hoping last night's town hall meeting will help them gain support here. the nationally televised event was a chance for the three candidates to set themselves apart. "i understand that you get into the arena and you are going to get pummeled and pushed and criticized. i wouldn't be doing it if i didn't think it was necessary to build on the progress we've made under president obama. " one by one, each of the democratic hopefuls took the hot seat at drake university last night. cnn's town hall style format let the voters ask the questions... and they didn't hold back... democrats demanded to know more from bernie sanders about his aggressive healthcare plan... specifically how he would pay for it... "yes, we will raise - we will raise taxes. yes we will. we may raise taxes but we are also going to eliminate private health care premiums for individuals and for
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a who-hd poll shows sanders back behind hillary clinton... but not by much. it has clinton leading by less than 3-percent. that's within the poll's margin of error. former maryland governor martin o'malley is a distant third with just one percent support. on the republican side... the poll had ted cruz remaining the front runner. we're expecting to learn soon where the republicans fall today. the latest quinnipiac university poll is set to be released in just under an hour... it will show support among likely republican caucus-goers in iowa. their last poll was two weeks ago. it showed donald trump and ted cruz in a race for top spot... trump getting 31 percent, cruz getting 29. we'll bring you the latest results later in the newscast. a handful of candidates are back in iowa today. that includes all the
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bernie sanders, donald trump, and ted cruz all start canvasing the hawkeye state this morning... several other republicans also make stops... together the nine candidates will make a total of over 30 stops. all those trips add up to the fast- approaching caucus day... but the process itself can be complicated for first-timers. so this morning, we sent josh nguyen down to capitol square to help simplify it. good morning, josh! a des moines neighborhood got a
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19:50:21:13 - 19:50:29:01 i just freaked out, i couldn't believe it... i started balling and... i was in shock i think janet brown says she had just left her living room to do dishes when a dart bus came flying into her home. it happened last night around five in the 38-hundred block of cambridge. luckily she was not in the room when it happened. the bus driver and one passenger suffered minor injuries. police are still investigating the cause but suspect a medical condition was to blame. an eastern iowa man has died crashing his car into a business with a five-year-old girl in his back seat. it happened in clermont sunday night. here's a look at the
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scene.. the young girl was taken to the hospital... but is expected to survive. investigators continue to investigate the crash. they believe alcohol may have been a factor. investigators are relying on forensic evidence to find who killed a des moines woman. police discovered the body of 71-year old norma mc-neeley sunday morning inside her home on pioneer road. police say she died a quote "violent death." investigators are now processing evidence from the scene trying to identify a suspect. centerville police are celebrating the quick thinking and cool head of one of their officers... the entire incident was caught on camera.. officer andrew teeter was responding to a suspicious person call in the area of main street and wall street early wednesday... that's when 30-year-old jacob myers charged toward him holding a fiber glass rod. but instead of pull out his gun, teeter turned to his taser... police
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way. i think he would have been justified in using deadly force at that point but i just think in his mind he felt like he was able to handle the situation without going to that extreme of taking life and thankfully he was able to do that and not get injured. despite the taser jolts, myers continued charging at officer teeter and told him he was going to kill him. he and other officers were able to take him into custody with a baton... myers is now facing multiple charges including assault on a peace officer and criminal mischief. he's being held at the appanoose county jail... on ten thousand dollars bond. downtown drivers may be one step close to getting a new place to fill up before hitting the interstate... the city council has approved a plan for a new quiktrip gas station... it would sit at 12-hundred keo
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concern that it would disrupt traffic and cause parking problems. so they're requiring that a traffic study be done before giving the final go ahead. that will likely take a month. "we want to give back because we've been so blessed in this country." these iowa retirees keep busy by
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people in another country. coming up, see how their creation is giving the gift of mobility to people half-way across the world. roads are still slick in parts
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cloudy and windy with a few flurries possible. the rest of the week looks dry and mild as temperatures will trend much warmer...even lower to middle 40s will be possible by the end
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still ahead... keeping busy after retirement can be a struggle... but not for these hard-working iowans... see how they're turning piles of wood... into the gift of freedom for
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the person who lives here... has to solve problems as big as the world... and as small as your kitchen table. that's the job. everyday. and now, the first lady who helped get healthcare for eight million kids... the senator who helped a city rise again... the secretary of state who stood up for america, and stared down hostile leaders around the world... is the one candidate for president who has everything it takes to do every part of the job...
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and medicare... or shut down planned parenthood... she'll take on the gun lobby... finally get equal pay for women... and stop the republicans from ripping all our progress away. so on february first, stand up for hillary. because if you want a president who knows how to keep america safe... and build a stronger economy... hillary's the choice... i'm listening to you, i'm fighting for you, and with your support, i'm going to deliver. i'm hillary clinton
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millions live with disabilities around the world.... but many struggle to afford the devices needed to get around... channel 13's megan reuther shows us a small town group that's helping those individuals... by giving the gift of mobility. it's challenging work. @49:18 "we check them for loose screws, and a little quality control." that keeps these volunteers busy. @56:45 "i'm retired. i worked at vermeer manufacturing, and i figured i should do something in my retirement that's beneficial." the group of fifty gets together a couple times a week for their pet project. @35:15 "the mission statement of the organization says provide meaningful transportation for those who have lost use of legs. but, secondly, most importantly is meaningful activity for retirees." pet iowa leighton is part of a national faith-based organization. this chapter has two workshops... @28:17 e converted an old annhool building." just blocks oeach other in the smallw 1:21 "we're a farming areare, so we have a lot of people o have had farm perience. ey've had factory experience, welding, that type thing."ey saw... and build... @56:25 "we put tm together and put rews in them, and then we send emer to the other plant." then paint d sble ese personal energy transportation devices known as pet cart 6:45 "a pet cart is a three wheeled, hancranked eelchair that can be used in ugh terrain anywhe in the world." e group rd more than four ars ago in leighton.ey've made nearly 1hdred tse special transportation devices, which have gone to
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the world. @30:27 "they have no hope before ey get these wheelchairs. there left in bed. they'renored. they can't go to school. they can't go anywhece they get one of these. ey're free go anywhe they want."andup@9:00olunteers packed 120 of these t carts inosike thisck in december and shipped them toiti where so mbers will avelin febary to hand them out." 2:36 "i've been to 3rd world untries, and i"ve come back. it just totally anges your life. i've been there on that, and i know it'sgoing to be even rso this time." a couplezen meers will travel tohaiti, and tn return to keep ilding hope...@35:40 "it's very mbling...very humbling." as ey give the gifof mobility. ighton, megan reuther, annel 13 pet cart costs about 250
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roads are still slick in parts of the state this morning. this afternoon will be cloudy and windy with a few flurries possible. the rest of the week looks dry and mild as temperatures will trend much warmer...even lower to middle 40s will be possible by the end of the work week and beginning of the weekend. the world a president has to grapple with, sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's prepared for it like no other. a tireless secretary of state, standing up against the abuse of women and girls.
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leading the diplomacy that keeps us out of war. the presidency is the toughest job in the world... and she's the one leader who has what it takes to get every part of the job done.
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as president, i will defend this nation, but i will do it responsibly. i voted against the war in iraq, and that was the right vote. we must never forget the lessons of that experience. isis must be destroyed, but we should not do it alone. we need an international coalition with muslim boots on the ground fighting with our support. it's time to end the quagmire of perpetual warfare in the middle east. as president, i will.
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you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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